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Stop risking expensive Workcover claims operating and maintaining old equipment and machinery.
Stop wasting money on downtime trying to clean dirty, greasy and rusted parts and machinery.
Are you ready to save time and money with a new level of machinery and component cleaning?

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Remove almost anything:

  • Years of build up rust and grime
  • Grease and oil from machinery and parts
  • Epoxies and glues from clogged equipment
  • Swarf and filing on heavy duty machinery
  • Carbon staining and deposits on engines
  • Food and other foreign material

Ultrasonic Cleaning uses high frequency sound waves radiated through liquid at around 40,000 times per second. As sound waves pass through the fluid tiny bubbles form and grow in size until they become unstable and cannot support their own density causing them to implode. This transformation is known as cavitation. As these bubbles collapse, the surrounding cleaning fluid fills the gaps. This creates an action similar to that of a scrubbing brush, but thousands of times per second per cubic centimetre.


  • Cylinders
  • Transmissions
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Bearings & Assemblies
  • Pall Rings
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Throttle Bodies
  • Manifolds
  • Filters & Gaskets
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Engines & Pumps
  • … and more.

This process gives ultrasonic cleaning its powerful action and makes it the most effective method of removing contaminates from substrates or complex shapes. This process can be further intensified by adding cleaning detergent to the liquid.

Ultrasonic cleaning represents a number of benefits over alternative methods which are available. People are being urged to move away from traditional methods which use solvents to remove baked on deposits as these are both hazardous to the environment and can be dangerous to those using them.

Our impressive results speak for themselves.

Browse actual examples of our ultrasonic cleaning in action.


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Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

Ultrasonic cleaning utilises high frequency bubbles that scrub clean industrial machinery, equipment, parts and components. Ultrasonic cleaning represents a number of benefits over alternative methods which use solvents are both hazardous to the environment and can be dangerous to use.

Our massive ultrasonic bath is one of the largest in Australia and capable of cleaning cylinders, pumps, transmissions, engines, exhausts, bearings, filters, manifolds, gaskets, hydraulics & engines. We can remove rust, grime, grease, epoxy, glues, swarf, carbon & food.

Our staff are experienced working with industries including; marine, aviation, manufacturing, food grade, mining, industrial, transport, trucks, defence, building, industry, power, rail, construction and vehicles.

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