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Grease & Built Up Dirt

Removing build-up of grease, oil and dirt from machinery, industrial parts, equipment and components is what we do best. Our massive tank has the capacity to fit transmissions, manifolds and engines. Because the process is environmentally safe we take all the risk from cleaning your equipment and returning it to production fast. Less down time means greater profits and no risk to your staff.




Categories: Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

Ultrasonic cleaning utilises high frequency bubbles that scrub clean industrial machinery, equipment, parts and components. Ultrasonic cleaning represents a number of benefits over alternative methods which use solvents are both hazardous to the environment and can be dangerous to use.

Our massive ultrasonic bath is one of the largest in Australia and capable of cleaning cylinders, pumps, transmissions, engines, exhausts, bearings, filters, manifolds, gaskets, hydraulics & engines. We can remove rust, grime, grease, epoxy, glues, swarf, carbon & food.

Our staff are experienced working with industries including; marine, aviation, manufacturing, food grade, mining, industrial, transport, trucks, defence, building, industry, power, rail, construction and vehicles.

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